They chose Valescence. Tank you so much!
Sophrology is an essential tool that allows to reconnect my body to my mind / my thoughts within the present time. Sophrology is vital for me today. During my sport sessions, my transportation journeys, before going to bed, I do my exercises to be calmer and better control my letting go.
Feeling better / Getting motivation back
It is pretty good. It helped me to set up reflexes to pull back from a certain number of things. When we face some situations, we remember that there is sophrology and hypnosis techniques that we can go back to. And then, just the fact to think that make us already feel better.
I have a very positive opinion, this science was a beautiful discovery for me. It requires some work outside of the sessions, as well as personal engagement, the sessions in the office do not make all the work. I also want to point out that the practitioner is also very important, it is important that you trust that person. I had this opportunity.
Sleeping disorders
I had several “files” that had been properly “buried” in my subconscious… The first one was quite obvious and Valéry proposed a first hypnosis session… I was surprised to “completely go down” into this altered state of consciousness… I immediately felt lighter… The problem for whitch I had come seemed to me to be much lighter and less important for me…. The second session was more painfull but absolutely necessary, the harm dated back to 40 years but was still vivid… I felt relieved at the end of the session… Thnak you Valéry for everything you give us, for your good listening and your kindness… We feel good with you!
Weight problems
Sophrology helps me to unwind and to better understand myself. It provides keys to better manage the numerous situations that come up to me. Breathing is something “new” to me. Awareness of the body and of its needs.
Sophrology offers very easy to use and practical techniques allowing to restore a calm state, to reduce stress and anxiety, to feel more zen when facing certain situations. We feel less defenseless in the face of stress and anxiety.
Recovering peace of mind
Being a sport-loving person, I have been practicing sport-shooting for 14 years. […] In 2017, during one of Valéry’s Sundays workshops, i realized that I’ve just found the person I needed in order to progress, both in my private life and in my sport. The results of the 2017 – 2018 season: county champion and team county champion, 4th in the regional championships and qualification to the French championships. […] The learning of proper and efficient breathing, various and different exercises, the times of conversation and the attentive listening from Valéry contributed a lot to my mental work progress. With the work we’ve done, for the matches and the competitions, I can easily put myself in a sort of bubble to isolate me from the noise or from the people’s eyes. […] If you want to enjoy your sport and your personal life, sophrology and hypnosis can bring a lot to you.
Mental training for sport
My opinion on sophrology: only good things. I learned about it maybe a little too late and I should have come and consulted earlier.
My opinion on sophrology is more than positive. Beyond simple relaxation, it is a reflection and awareness discipline which allowed me to regain the control of my life and of my body. Sophrology helped to take action before it was to late, to express more clearly my desires and my expectations, to protect myself, to relax, to reconnect to my true self, and not to the person that others want me to be.
Unwind / Put things in perspective / Protect oneself
At first, I had some doubts about the effectiveness of sophrology. Over the sessions, it taught me a lot about myself. I was able to see the weaknesses which had been rooted in me for a very long time. But most of all, it led me to a better understanding of myself, it allowed me to better manage my stress, to become aware of my skills and to better my speaking ability by speaking less fast. Now, I have no more doubts on the capabilities that sophrology can reveal.
Stress / Speaking ability / Preparing for an oral test