How does it work and for what matters?

Are sophrology and hypnosis made for you? Absolutely! Here are the reasons why...
Fields of application of Sophrology

Well-Being and Self-Improvement

Health – Therapeutic Support

Performance Optimization – Mental Preparation

Sophrology should never be considered as a substitute for medical care, nor medical treatments, since it offers no health warranties or guarantees of any kind. The sophrologist should never interfere with current treatments, and never provide any diagnosis. Lastly, the sophrologist should never influence the theraputic choices of their clients.

Therapeutic effects of hypnosis

Every day life problems and well-being

Health – Therapeutic support

Performance optimisation – Mental preparation

Hypnosis should never be considered as a substitute for medical care, nor medical treatments. It operates only as a complementary technique or as a support to the treatments that are recommended by health professionals.