Sophrology within the workplace: a valuable asset for your company!

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Sophrology within the company

Well-being at work: Sophrology provides good practices a solid foundation within a long-term approach.
Your company is actively involved in a positive approach with and to the attention of its co-workers?

There are many benefits and fields of application of sophrology within the company… Choose a professional support for the implementation of these good practices in a long-term and efficient way.

Groups sessions, one-time workshops, sophrology demonstrations, conferences…

Sophrology is a method that works both on the body and the mind to find a balance. Through the observation of one’s own sensations, it leads to a better understanding of oneself, which in turns helps a person to anticipate and manage any unpleasant or negative reactions or manifestations, either physical or emotional.

It is suitable for everyone, since it uses gentle muscle tensions and release, controlled breathing, and positive visualization, thus allowing people to regain ressources and to develop desired capabilities.

Sophrology rightfully has its place in the company, within the framework of the prevention of many issues related to health and well-being at work (psychosocial risks and musculoskeletal conditions), or within a Quality of Worklife program.

Sophrology allows people to make their own ressources surface, to use them to reach their objectives and to develop their abilities and their potential…